• 1993
    In 1993 our founder Eric and Ivan they started VIFT Machinery and has been growing the company since. Right from a start VIFT Machinery focused on electric and has kept this focus until today. Nowadays, VIFT Machinery stands for highly innovative products in the field of warehouse trucks, that just fit the need of our customers.
  • 1996
    Global Customization of Machine Parts,VIFT Begins Layout Globalization
  • 2003
    VIFT Engineering Machinery Division Technical Team Increased to 50
  • 2008
    VIFT Learning the Spirit of the Olympic Games in China,absorbs the advantages of international brands and formally enters the international market。
  • 2012
    VIFT has won 12 million overseas orders, VIFT Made in China is internationally renowned.
  • 2016
    VIFT enters Southeast Asia and sets up a customer service center in Philippines
  • 2019
    VIFT showcases the strength of the brand. In the first quarter, VIFT scored an impressive performance of US$30 million in the global market, and established strategic partnership with EPOWER, a well-known warehousing equipment solution brand, to enter the unmanned intelligent warehousing market.
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